17 June 2010


After the wedding, we hopped up to Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin. There we met up with Grandpa Bruce and Aunt Leah and Cousin Caleb and Uncle Ben and Aunt Becky and Cousin Jacob and Cousin Joshua. We had a super time visiting!

Here's the lake.

This is the kid table.

We went boating! In a row boat!

We even got to wear life jackets.

Here's me and Meggy with Cousin Jacob.

And here's one that Mama likes to call "birds on a wire" -- Meg, me, Jacob and Josh.

We also went bowling on night while it rained on our tent. Here's Uncle Ben and me watching one of my tries. Look how great our shoes are!

And here's Uncle Ben helping Meg Rose.

They didn't have any shoes small enough to fit Anna Kate, so she just rolled a ball around.

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