20 February 2008

Some Videos, hopefully

Here's some short videos. I hope they work well for you.

This is us sliding at one of our favorite parks.

This is Meg's first day of fork usage. It's not too big of a deal, though - Big Baby can do it, too.

And here's the long-awaited Meg walk!

14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

We may have some more pictures later, but in the meantime, look how cute I was last Valentine's Day with my Valentine balloon from Pa.

13 February 2008

An Apron

Mama hasn't yet made me bandanna pants, like Meg's, but she did make me an apron! It's super, and I wear it all the time except when I have my pajamas on or I go to the bathroom.

Here's an example of me wearing the apron.

And here's the apron in action!

08 February 2008

My hat

I have a new hat!

Meg's New Pants

Mama made some new pants for Meg. They used to be a bandanna, but now they're pants. I hope Mama will make me some banana pants, too.

05 February 2008

Park pictures

Mama and Meg and I went to the park today. Here's some pictures:

This is us on the bouncy turtle. We had to bounce gentle because Meg is little.

Here's me on the climby wall.

Are you in there, sister?!

Chillin' at the Hobby Lobby

Here's my sister and me in the Hobby Lobby lobby. We're chillin.

04 February 2008


Mimi and Pa came this weekend, partly because it was Meg's birthday, and partly because they just like us.

This is me and Mimi, doing walkie-walkie.

Birthday Cupcake

This, they say, is a birthday cupcake. I didn't eat it on my birthday because I was sick. But I didn't really eat it the next day, either, even though I was feeling much better.

...but that didn't stop me from putting it on my face!

I'm a pro

My birthday frog

Hey, y'all, Meg here. This is a couple of pictures of me and my birthday frog.

01 February 2008

See my teeth?

This is it?

This is it. This is my last day to be a baby.