25 September 2006


This weekend Mama and Daddy and I went to Houston to see my grand-'rents (welcome to Texas, grand-'rents!!).

We swam in the pool!

I forgot to take my swimming suit, so I swam in my birthday suit!


I've been wearing hats lately...

straw hats...

cowboy hats...

cowboy hats....

cowboy hats....

and baseball hats!

I like hats.

Tall and Small

11 September 2006

Sweet! Potatoes

Mama has been letting me handle the spoon lately. I dig it.

I used to take baths before bed, but now they're just after lunch.

04 September 2006

Happy Labor Day

Today, in honor of Labor Day, Mama and Daddy and I ate ourselves silly on watermelon. Yay Labor Day!