30 April 2009

Making Dough

Meg and I made pizza dough tonight!

Pizza dough takes kneading. That means you smoosh it up and pound it and turn it over and things like that. At first we had to take turns kneading...

... but then Mama made the dough into two pieces so we could both work at the same time!

Pillow House

Wanna come over?

26 April 2009

Swingin' Sisters

Here's me and Meggy at the park. We swang and walked in the woods and
I rode my bike a bit, too. Also? Look how awesome our dresses are.

25 April 2009

Piano Meg




I went to the dentist last week -- it was great! They counted my teeth and polished my teeth and sprayed water into my mouth and then sucked it back out. I even got a new toothbrush! And some floss!

19 April 2009


Mama and Daddy and Grace and I went hiking at Twin Falls today! It was a beautiful very nice day. I even hiked most of the way, except for the part where Daddy carried me and that other part where Mama carried me.

Anyway, here's the picture. It's me and Gracie, taking a rest on a rock.


Meg here.

Last week we did some
it was way fun!

13 April 2009

Hot Rod-ing

Me and my sister got to ride around in Mimi's hot rod today - with the top down, even! When the top is down it's really windy, but we wore bandannas on our little heads.

Thanks for hanging out with us, Mimi!

Kazoo Band

We got kazoos in our Easter buckets!


Here's Meggy, finding an eggy!

And look! Here's mine!

Higher, Gracie, Higher!

08 April 2009

Hugs and Kisses

Sisters, poolside

Last week, Mama and Meg and I went to Mimi and Pa's house for a couple of days. We had loads of fun, and even got to swim in the little pool. Here's me and Meggy, sitting with our feet in.

Mimi's Salon

Mimi did our hair!