29 April 2010


...maybe not the beeeest picture ever, but here are we three in the tub.

Sweet Anna

you can see another picture of that hat, if you want to. And of course,
there are loads of pictures of Anna if you want to look at those, too.

A Bike Ride

Yesterday we went for a bike ride -- here's me and Meggy on our bikes, riding...

We both took our cats. Here's Blackly -- he loved riding on my bike!

And here's Charley on Meg's bike -- he got scared a couple of times,
but enjoyed the ride on the whole.

27 April 2010

Anna has 9 months!

Wow, y'all. Our Anna has 9 months! She's a great baby - we're awfully fond of her. She went to the doc this morning for her well check and it turns out she's just perfect!

Anna is 27.5 inches long, which is very average. She weighs 18 lbs., 4 oz., which is also very average. She has a head circumference of 46.6 (cm?), and that's huge! Me and Meg and Anna all have big heads to accommodate our big brains. Anna's is riiiight at the top of the chart, a bit above the 95th percentile. And Anna's cuteness index was above the 99th percentile, as usual.

just for fun, here's Meg's nine-month stuff. Anna's bigger, but Meg was way more mobile.

26 April 2010


We went camping this weekend! It was great! We ate outside and slept in our sleeping bags inside of the tent!

Grace and I were inside of this huuuge tree.

We did a hike, up this really steep mountain.

This was the scene from a ways up.

Here's Mama and Anna, hiking.

On the way home we stopped for lunch at a Feed Lot.

Overall, probably the very best part of camping was the s'mores.

Crazy Hair

Enormous Eyes

...but where'd Anna's mouth go?

White Shirts

Meg and Daddy were matchers.

01 April 2010

A bunch of Anna pictures


Anna looks a bit skeptical, don't you think?

Better now!

Sportin' the bonnet

All Aboard!!