27 October 2008

Children's Museum

Hey y'all, we went to the children's museum a couple of weekends ago, and I forgot to tell you about it! So here are a few pictures:

Here's me, driving a train.

Here's Meg and Daddy, playing with these gears.

And I built this baby robin's nest. The baby robin is supposed to sleep right in here.

And over here I'm fixing things.

22 October 2008

Mimi's Zoo

We went to Mimi's Zoo last week! It was super -- they have a ton of animals. We liked the monkeys a lot and the bears and the lions and the snakes best. Taking pictures of the animals didn't go super well, but here's a nice picture of me and my sister and my Mimi. We were looking at the monkeys.

Mimi's Salon


10 October 2008

Budding Artist

Y'all! Check this out! Mama and Daddy turned our pantry door into a chalkboard! Can you believe it? It rules.

this is me, drawing on the pantry door!

...and here's the happy face I made.

Sweet Sisters


Car Washing

We washed Daddy's car. Daddy and I did most of the work.

Hold us!

at the outdoor expo, there was lots and lots of walking. But also a fair amount of holding...

here's Daddy holding me.

and Mama's holding Meg. Meg doesn't look
very happy, does she?

Outdoor Expo

Last weekend, Mama and Daddy and Meg and I went to the outdoor expo. It was pretty fun - we saw some neat animals like kangaroos and porkypines and fish and things. And I shot a bow and arrow! So did Mama and Daddy, but Meggie was too little. Here's a couple of pictures of me shooting the bow and arrow:

01 October 2008

Grace to Mama

Mama, where do the stars live during the daytime?