30 November 2006


Brrrr... it's cold today! Good thing I have the cutest coat in the world to keep me cozy warm.

Even with the coat, it was pretty chilly. So rather than the regular park, Mama and I went to the Toddler Town Zoo. It's at Chick-fil-A.

I liked it.

First, you climb the stairs.

Then you crawl through some tubes.

And then woosh -- down the slide!! Then it's back to the stairs.

29 November 2006


This picture is me and Daddy. We're brushing our teeth. I really like brushing my teeth with my daddy. We do brush every morning. This morning Wilma came, too. She's the cat. She doesn't brush her teeth. Ew.

Sliding up...

Sliding up is difficult, but I'm pretty sure it's do-able.

28 November 2006

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!

We went to Houston and hung out with my grand 'rents and Tío Luke. We didn't get to go swimming, but we had lots of fun. Tío Luke is good to play with, plus there's a huge black cat there and he let me pet him a couple of times. Also, there's a park close to where my grandma and grandpa live, so we went there to do the slides. We should've taken more pictures, but we were busy eating.

11 November 2006

Zilker Zephyr

Mama and I rode the Zilker Zephyr today, it was awesome!! A zephyr is a train. It goes around Zilker Park. We saw ducks and dogs and a birthday party and lots of people and trees and kids. My favorite part was waving at the people and the ducks. My worst part was nothing - I really liked it.

Also while we waited for the Zephyr to zeph, we got to use the playground. The playground has a fire engine that you can climb on. I liked it.

So much cute, so little time!

I've been really busy lately, plus the computer ran out of something called memory, so it was hard to put things on the blog. Here's a couple pictures, though.


We have a piano. It has lots of keys, and if I stand on my tippy toes, I can reach them. Or I can sit in a chair, but then I can't reach both ends because there are SO many keys.