28 June 2007

27 June 2007

23 June 2007

The Umbrella

Today in the afternoon it got rainy. If you use a umbrella, you can be outside in the rain and not even get wet!

Here I am practicing with the umbrella.

Mama and I took a little walk.

Me again.

I wound up getting a little wet, mainly because I didn't always like keeping the umbrella pointed up. Sometimes I liked to carry it in front of me, and then the raindrops got me.

20 June 2007

Fresh outta the bath

Here's my sister Meg, fresh outta the bath... or maybe she was fixin' to get in the bath, I can't remember for sure. But anyhoo, she's nekkid and she's cute.

16 June 2007

Public Service Announcement

My mama recently found out that if you try to get pictures made from the files on this here blog, they won't turn out nice. I guess maybe if you wanted really really small pictures made, it would work, but for the regular sized ones, not so much. So if you should ever want to get a print made of one of the pictures that appears here, you can let my mama know and she'll give you the whole entire huge picture file. Or if you're just wanting to look at me and Meg, feel free to come over. Thank you, bye-bye.

15 June 2007

A couple pictures

Here's my sister. She's cute.

She's playing in the bouncy seat here. It's okay to rock the seat for her, as long as you only use one finger and don't push too hard.

And here's Meg on the floor. She's not really doing anything, but she's cute.

14 June 2007

Two-for-one special

Meg and I went to the doctor today. We're both well, but every so often you have to go anyway. So we got measured and weighed and prodded and then they gave us shots. The shots hurt.

Meg is 24 inches long, which is exactly in the middle for being a 4 month baby. She weighs 11 lbs., 8 oz., and that's around the 15th percentile. And her head is 17 cm around, which is also in the middle.

And I'm 34 inches tall (that's very nearly 3 feet!) and I weigh 25.5 lbs, and that's absolutely average.

The cuteness index is in the 99th percentile for both of us, as usual.

06 June 2007

Today's Walk

Mama and Meg and I take a walk in the afternoon pretty much all the time. If it's raining, we don't, but if it's not raining we do. Today Meg rode in the stroller, and I pushed the stroller.

Here' us, fixin' to go on the walk.

Meg was in the stroller, like I told you.

And here's me.

I asked Mama if I could push. She said okay.

And Meg said, "Are you serious, Mama? Grace is going to push me?"

But after I pushed for a while, she thought I was pretty okay at it.

But then Mama kept trying to *help* me push the stroller. It made me so mad!

So I boycotted the walk entirely for a while.

Meg didn't really mind that, either.

Eventually, Mama and I worked it out where I pushed the stroller and she helped steer, but wasn't touching the same part I was touching, and that was okay. So then we went home and had a glass of water.

05 June 2007

Mr. Potato Head

We've been having loads of fun with Mr. Potato Head lately.

See what I mean?