31 July 2008

At the Point

Meg and I walked on this tree a lot. We got to one end and then turned around and went the other way and did it again.

Here's me and Auntenna.

Here's us. (ps - thanks Aunt Becky and Uncle Ben and Cousins and Cat Frankie for having us in your home.)

Me and Aunt Leah.

"Come on, Grandpa!"

Pretty Toes!

My Aunts Leah and Hannah and Grandma Mary made my toes super pretty!
Here's all of our toes. Mine are the little ones.

Me and Jacob

Here's me and Jacob riding in the green truck. It's way fun, and Daddy and Uncle Ben even made it go better.

Meg and Mama

Meg and Daddy

26 July 2008

19 July 2008

Waaaay North

Hey y'all. Meg here, from waaaay up north. We're visiting with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Bruce and Uncle Ben and Aunt Becky and Cousin Jacob and Cousin Joshua and Aunt Hannah and hopefully later Aunt Leah and Uncle Luke. Here's a few pictures:

13 July 2008


We went bowling! At the bowling alley!

This is my ball, right here. The orange one.

Whew! It's heavy!

Daddy helped me line up my shot. This is my mama's very favorite picture.


And then you just have to wait and see what happens.

A few more pictures

Here I'm at Jack's birthday party. The umbrella that was above this table spun and spun when I twisted the pole.

I'm fixin' to go somewhere.

Meg Rose loves riding the trike.

At Rudy's

Mama and Meg both really like Rudy's.

09 July 2008

Public Transport

We rode the bus!

so first we waited by this sign with some other people.

and after a while the bus came!

then we sat on the bus, like this.

then we played at the park, like this.

then we waited at another bus stop, with slurpees.

then the bus came, and we got back on it.

The Splashy Park

Mama, Meg and I went to the splashy park today.

I'm waaaiiiting for it.....



Ready, Set, Go!