28 January 2010

The Chef

The Chef is sautee-ing vegetables for our butternut squash soup.

26 January 2010

6 month stats

Lil' Anna went the doctor today, and they weighed her and measured her and listened to her sweet little heart. She's perfect in every way! Anna is 26" long, which is just a bit above average. And she weighs 15lbs., 2 oz., which is just a bit below average. And she has a huge head, just like me and Meg! We're awfully fond of Anna, and we're glad she's in our family.

24 January 2010

Hey, hey! It's Anna's 6-month day!

Anna Kate has 6 months today! How about that!?

We'll be back on Tuesday with all her stats and whatnot. Until then, you can just look at this cute picture of her.

Grace's Hairs

This is my new haircut! The haircut lady said I look like a barbie doll because my hair is blonde. I don't think my mama liked that very much, but I just said, "thank you, ma'am."

A Set of Sisters

Anna's Pachyderm

This is Anna's elephant. She loves it. Whenever she goes to sleep, she rubs the elephant on her face, and since the trunk is always soggy, I think she chews on it a lot. Sometimes the tail and feet are soggy, too.

22 January 2010

Grace Rider



We gave a bunch of our money so that the helpers in Haiti can get food and medicine for the kids.

17 January 2010

Meg Rose

Eating Food!

Here's Anna! She's been eating food lately -- green beans in this case. And she's sporting a bib that mama made.

Meg Hopscotching

Meggy is learning to jump on one foot.

12 January 2010

Mama's Birthday Card

This is the front -- it has cherries and part of a sailboat.

And this is the inside. It says Happy Birthday, Mama.

05 January 2010

02 January 2010

Thanks, Grands!

Thanks for making the mighty drive South. We enjoyed being with y'all.

Meg's "New" Bike!

Meg still wants a little help, but she can pretty much ride her little blue bike. It says "MegStar".

Walkin' with the Grands

Cute Anna

Our Anna has 5 months now! Isn't she a cute little thing?