27 December 2009

Oldies, but goodies

These are a couple of pictures from when Anna and Mama went to San Fransisco. It was a month or so ago...

17 December 2009

Paper gingerbreads

We're working on a whole bunch of paper gingerbread people -- they're turning out great! Mama cut them out of a paper bag, and now Meg and I are decorating them.

14 December 2009


We made some cookies today! Our friends came over and we made cookies and had lunch and played and ate cookies.

We made the kind you make shapes with -- here we're cutting out the shapes.

Here we're all helping squish the cookie dough.

After the cookies baked we decorated with sprinkles!

Anna napped for a lot of the cookie making, but then watched and whisked.

Before our friends left, we talked Miss Jennifer into reading us a story -- she's super nice.

Christmas Toes

12 December 2009



Daddy and I played checkers today.

11 December 2009

Just warm enough for a walk

It's been chilly, but finally got warm enough that we could take a walk. Well, actually, only Mama walked.... but we all went!

Anna rode in the stroller, snug like a bug.

Meggy rode her cat bike.

And I rode my stripey bike.

05 December 2009


Game Time!

Mama won, but she shared the candy with everyone.

Dance Moves