25 May 2008


So long, Sucker.

I am a big girl. And I don't need a sucker anymore for going to sleep. But there's plenty of babies out there, and some of them probably need suckers.

Luckily, the mailman knows everyone, so he'll know which baby to give this to.

Mimi and Me

This is from a couple of weeks ago when we went to Mimi and Pa's house.

22 May 2008

Children's Museum

Mama and Meg and I went to the Children's Museum yesterday, and it was way fun! There weren't very many other kids there, so Meg and I could play with whatever we wanted.

Here I am using the cash register.

And here's Meg, putting a bottle of milk in the tube.

Meg says, "woah, where'd it go?" The tube takes the milk to the milk factory, which is in the next room over. We really liked this game.

Twin Falls

Last weekend Mama and Daddy and me and Meg went swimming at Twin Falls. We had a fun time, and I am a hiker.
Here are most of us.

09 May 2008


Today had a car wash:

and then Wilma the cat asked me to please wash her, too so...

we had a cat wash:

Wilma said, "thank you, Grace, for washing me."


03 May 2008


We're at Mimi and Pa's house this weekend. Mimi and Pa have a pool. We swam in their pool today, but we didn't pee. There's no peeing in the pool.