22 February 2009

Reading with my sister

My sister Grace read me some books tonight. This was at a funny part.

Here's our little blond heads together.

09 February 2009

My New Game

Mama made me a new game. I dig it.

A Portrait

Hard Work

Meg turned 2!

So I guess it was a week ago already, but Meg turned 2! She asked for blueberry
pie for her birthday, so here she is, eating blueberry pie.

01 February 2009

Riding the Bee

Mimi and Pa's park has a bumblebee that you can ride! It's a hoot.

Here's my sister Grace riding the bee.

She got all tuckered out from the ride.

So then it was my turn! Yee haw!

I got tuckered out, too. It turns out
riding a bumblebee is hard work.

My happy-birthday shirt!

We celebrated my birthday yesterday, at Mimi and Pa's house and park! I'm practically 2! Anyway, this pictures shows me wearing my "Happy Birthday Meg!" shirt. They kept telling me it said something about Oshkosh, but I knew that it really said "Happy Birthday, Meg!". It was a little chilly, but I left my jacket un-zipped so everybody could see my Happy Birthday Meg! shirt.