19 December 2008

Grace to Meg

G: Meggy, you are a cute little human.

M: Tank-you.

17 December 2008

Christmas Cookies!

We made Christmas cookies today! The kind you get to use cookie cutters for! And frosting! And sprinkles! And M&Ms!

Here we'd just finished making the cookie dough, and Tristan and I are cleaning off the beaters and Meg's working on the spatula.

We're making the frosting! There's no picture, but after we made the white frosting, we added colors! And stirred!

After the cookies baked in the oven and cooled a bit, we decorated!


Here's one of Meg's finished creations.

13 December 2008

Some park pictures

The Thanksgiving Crew

Tio Luke

Tio Luke came to Texas! He was at our house AND at Mimi and Pa's house. He's super. I picked him all time to read my goodnight stories. He knows how to read.

Hanging Out at Thanksgiving

This is sort of ancient, but here we are anyway -- I was hanging out at the park while we were at Mimi and Pa's for Thanksgiving.

We're Back!

Hey, everybody! We got a new camera, which means we can take pictures again! Woo!

if anybody talks about something being broken or breaking something, lil' Meg says, "Mama bwoke camwa!" Mama loves that.