29 March 2007

A Fringe Benefit

A fringe benefit to having a baby sister is that my stuffed friends can use her stuff. But only if she's not using it.

The bear, for example, likes the carseat and the bonnet.


27 March 2007

I do not like the bath, Sam I Am.

I do not like the bath, Sam I Am.

I do not like it with a duck.
I do not like it in a truck.

I do not like it with a fish.
I do not like it with a dish.

I do not like it even with bubbles.
Oh! What bathing troubles!

I do not like it with the cat,
I do not like this ugly bathmat.

I do not like it with a monkey,
I prefer smelling funky.

I do not like it when they wet my hair.
I do not like it anywhere.

I do not like it when they wet my toes.
Nor do I like when they take my clothes.

I do not want water in my eyes,
Hence these terrible, horrible cries.

I truly prefer to stay dirty,
the bath seems so hurty.

Please leave my hair crusty!
please allow me to stay dusty!

Please leave me grimy!
Please let me be slimy!

I liked the bath fine before,
but I do not like it anymore.

23 March 2007

New pictures!

I can put up some new pictures! Our computer had a bit of an issue with something called the hard drive... that has to do with the computer remembering things. But ours forgot. Anyhoo, here's some new pictures to look at.

Daddy's Girls

I like sitting with my daddy. And so does my sister, Meg. But it's not a problem - he makes room for both of us! And for my baby doll, too.

Tricky piano playing


Outdoor Art

I like drawing, and I like outside. So I especially like drawing outside.

Where'd that other color get to??

Whew.. I got it. Back to work!

04 March 2007

Sleepy Meg

Shhhh... Meg's sleeping.

Here's she's not sleeping, but she is sleepy.

Occasionally, she's neither sleeping nor sleepy.

Backyard Fun

We raked leaves.

We collected acorns.

Wilma likes acorns.

Petting Zoo

We went to the zoo last week. Most of the animals you shouldn't pet, but some of them you can. This is a goat and I tickled its ear.


Grandma Mary likes books.

Grandpa Bruce likes books.

I like books, too.

The Park

I had fun at the park with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Bruce!