21 August 2007

Me and the Grands

My Grandparents from way North came to spend the week with us! We had loads of fun. Thanks for making trek down, Grands.

This is me and Grandpa Bruce.

This is me and Grandma Mary.

Mama and Meg

I think they're looking at me.

Daddy and Me

Meg is swinging!

At the park today, Meg used the swing! She doesn't swing very high, but she swings. Neat, huh?

Me at the Park

Meg and I went to the park with Mama and Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Mary today. It was sort of hot, but we had a really good time. Here's a couple pictures of me.

Grandpa carried my shades for me.

Show me!

This is one of the "Grace want see picture Grace" shots. I think Mama takes a lot of these.


Meg really likes Grandpa Bruce.

Going Up

Grandma Mary and Grandpa Bruce helped me walk up the tree out back.

I went up...

...and up...

...and up!

03 August 2007

All about me

Hi, y'all. Meg here. I'm a six-month baby now, and I have some information and pictures I'd like to share with y'all.

I went to the doctor today, which wasn't really the most fun thing to do, but mama said we had to go. Anyway, they weighed me and measured me and stabbed me with shots. So I'm 24 1/2 inches long, which is in the 10th percentile. I weigh 13 lbs., in the 5th percentile. And I have a 44.5 cm head, and that's between the 90 and 95th percentile.

Besides the stats, I can sit up all by myself now!

After a while, though, my sitting muscles get tired so I stop.