31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

A Skeleton

Anna Kate was the cutest skeleton in the world. But not for long... she got tired and then scared, so she went home early from Trick-or-Treats.


29 October 2010

Anna has 15 months!

Anna Kate has 15 months!

She went to the doc the other day for a well-check, and it turns out she is in fact well. Just perfect, actually. Anna weighs in at 22.5 pounds, which is just shy of the 50th percentile. And her height is absolutely average at 30 inches. Anna's head is enormous, way up above the 95th percentile. And in cuteness, she received top scores.


Not bad, huh?

23 October 2010

Bat Cruise

Daddy and Meg and I went on a Bat Cruise! My whole kindergarten class went, and it was great.

A million billion bats live under this bridge. When it gets dark, they all wake up and fly out to eat tons and tons of mosquitoes. We got to see them fly out!

Here's me and Meg on the boat.

And this is me.

Meggy Painting


Sticking Together

Mama loves this picture.

18 October 2010


Grace: "Mama! I figured out how to spell two words -- want to hear them??"

Mama: "Sure, Grace... lay 'em on me."

Grace: "Okay, ready? They both start with P. The first one is p - o - o - p. And the other one is p - e - e !"

05 October 2010

A Three-Pack of Pictures

Sister 1.

Sister 2.

Sister 3.

03 October 2010

Saddle Up!

It's gotten to be bike-riding weather! So we're riding bikes! First we did some bike fix-it, putting air in our tires and stuff, but then we were ready to go...

Anna's still too little for a bike, but she really wanted to wear this "hat".