23 July 2010


Piano Baby

Mama just wants everyone to know that she's not MAKING Anna Kate play the piano,
and Anna Kate doesn't actually play songs or anything, she just likes to play the piano. Okay?

21 July 2010

Sweet Sisters

Here's me and Meggy, fresh outta the bathtub.

We really like wearing matching jams.

This hug got a little kooky, though...

...and we wound up like this!

12 July 2010

Mr. Herstad

This is our dog! His name is Mister.

Going up!

Happy 12th of July!

Oh, right... these pictures are from the 4th.

03 July 2010

Lego Mania

Daddy got some Legos for Father's Day, and then we got some other Legos, and then Grace bought some Legos with her birthday money, and then Daddy brought home a few other Legos -- we have some Legos. And they're FUN.