25 April 2014

Meg's Art

Meggy had art at school during the second term.

23 April 2014


by Grace, I think.

Meg's Body Project

Meg's class studied the human body last term at school - and made really cool posters.  Here's Meg's:

Meg was a little horrified at everyone seeing her organs.  Thus the clothing.

And here's Meg, with the body project and Woofer.

Molly Pitcher

A couple few weeks ago, Grace did a 5 minute talk on Molly Pitcher at school.  She was great! 

Uncle Ubb

 Today was Dr. Seuss Day in the first grade at Veritas Academy.  Meg was a great Uncle Ubb.

Grace did Dr. Seuss Day way back.  Also, look how tiny (and adorable) Elizabetsy was!  And Anna! 

07 April 2014

Adorable findings

 Anna has been leaving little writings and notes, and they're so fun to find.  Sometimes she gifts them, and other times they just turn up. 

"Closed" - maybe a restaurant sign?

"Dear Mama you are the best mama.  Thank you for the Rice Krispy."
This says Santa Claus.  And that's a sleigh.  And Mrs. Claus.

Mama Happy Birthday (random, but sweet!) 

03 April 2014