27 November 2010

Turkey! And Ham! And Ribs! And Pie! And Sweet Potatoes! And... And...

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Mimi and Pa's house, and this is the crew, minus Wilma the Cat. She lives there, but didn't appear to be pictured. So this is Mimi and Pa, and Mama and Daddy and me and Meggy and Anna and Tio Luke and Sarah and Mister the Dog. We had loads of fun and ate lots of great food.

Also, here's an old Thanksgiving picture. We were littler then.

21 November 2010

Sweet Pictures

A couple of weeks ago our friend Hollie Rouse took our pictures! We were sort of cold and crabby, but she made us look nice and cheerful and good, didn't she? Hollie Rouse is wonderful, and these are just a few of our most favorite of her pictures.

18 November 2010

Anna's Table Talk

This is from our dinner time tonight.

12 November 2010


Here are the three of us, working on stuff...

Anna did a lot of work on this paper.

Dr. Seuss Dress

Here's Meggy's Dr. Seuss dress! It's a hoot, and Mama made it.

Anna Kate

Here's Anna Kate eating rocks at the park.

And here's Anna Kate playing at the playground before I get out of school.