31 March 2008

The Cat's Pajamas

These are my brand new cat pajamas. My mama made them for
me, and they work great - I even slept late in them!

21 March 2008

Giant Fruit

Meg's hanging with the eggplant.

And I love this pear.

20 March 2008

Will someone please push us?

Big Baby's Grocery List

Mama, Meg, Big Baby and I went to the grocery store today. While Mama was making her list, I helped Big Baby write this list.

She needed pineapple and crackers and green beans.

Is Daddy Home Yet?

see also

11 March 2008

The Cutest People in the World

... at least that's what Mama says.

02 March 2008

Meg likes Pa

Meg taught Pa this game. The game went like this: Meg handed Pa something and then he handed it back to Meg. She loved playing that with Pa. I think he liked it, too.

Meg likes Pa.

Template Work

Last time we were at Mimi and Pa's, I did some template work. Pa showed me how to work the template, and then put me to work drawing and surveying. I made some circles, and triangles and squares.

On the Border

On the Border


All Set!

Okay, Mama. Let's go!