30 October 2009

Transportational Jumping

A Bowling Video

We went bowling a couple weeks ago, there are already some pictures on the blog. But here's a video. Mama says this is why bowling takes for.ev.er.


27 October 2009

Some smiley pictures

Browsing patterns at the Hobby Lobby

Here's Parker and Meg and me at the Hobby Lobby. We were looking for patterns, but I can't remember what we were wanting to make.


We're ready to go.

Mama and Meggy and Anna and I have been doing some running lately. Well, actually Mama is the only one that runs. Anna rides in the stroller with Meg. Meg is team captain of the stroller. And I ride my bike.

I'm feeding my sissy!

Meggy Bowling

Grace Bowling

11 October 2009

Makin' taters

Mama and Daddy and Meggy and Anna and I went to Mimi and Pa's house for early Thanksgiving this past week. We ate turkey and stuffing and pie and everything! And Tio Luke was there!

I made the mashed potatoes - everyone said they turned out great!

Swimming sure wears a baby out...

Baby Anna went swimming (sort of) with Mimi and me and Meggy.

She got all tuckered out.


Family at Mt. Bonnell

A photo series

A project