22 February 2011


First School Dance!

Daddy and I went to the school dance last weekend. We had a great time and we were *very* fancy. Thank you, Aunt Becky, for making my hair extra curly.

Lil' Anna Kate

Sliding Up

This is Sweet Baby Anna, trying to climb up a slide. Also, does Anna look like me, or what?


We went to the Zoo with the Benjamites! It was big fun.

We rode this train!

It even went through a tunnel.

These lions aren't the bitey kind, they're just for climbing.

Meg had a birthday!

We celebrated Meggy's 4th birthday this month! It's been a couple weeks, but she says she's still getting used to being 4.

Here's Meg, at Mimi and Pa's house, working on her cupcakes.

And here we're all making the icing.

A taste-test of the icing... yum!

These are the rainbow cupcakes!

Meg and Woofer blew out all of the candles, but didn't make a wish.