25 September 2008

Hanging Out

Electric Slide

Mama and Meg and I were at the park today, twice actually, since it was super nice out. When my sissy and I went down the curly slide, our hair went waaay out -- it was a hoot! And if we touched before getting off the slide, there was a big crack! Here's a couple pictures:

Look at my hair!

And Meg's hair!

Look at Meg again, she's too funny!

20 September 2008


Mama and Meg and I made muffins this morning. They turned out great! Plus we got to use the table Daddy made for us in the kitchen. It's sized just right for me and Meg! So we're even more help to Mama, if you can even imagine that. Here's a handful of pictures of the process:

This is me and Meggy working at the table.

Here's me using the mixer.

And boy, are these muffins good!

Meg Rose even tried to eat the paper.

Lil' Meg

18 September 2008

10 September 2008

We're so fast!

Meg's fast.

But I'm even faster!

Smiley Grace

This is my new and improved "smiley face" I can do.
You might remember the old one. This one is better, no?

we're on a funny swing

02 September 2008


Here we're sisters on a soccer ball.

Here we're sisters at the grocery store. Daddy let us get the racecar shopping cart. We like steering it, but somehow we don't wind up in the candy aisle....

And here we're sisters playing the piano!

Bandana Shirt

This is the bandanna shirt my mama made. It was supposed to be a Meg dress,
but it turned out to be more of a Grace shirt. Anyway, cool, huh?