27 December 2006

Merry Christmas, y'all.

A few more pictures

Here I am with my mama and daddy and grandma and grandpa.

Here I am with my mama and my daddy.

Here's my daddy and me.

We played pool. I think my team won.

I helped my grandpa with his boots.

The Horse

My grandma and grandpa rounded up a horse for me for Christmas! It's really neat. I can make a very authentic horsey sound - you should ask me next time you see me.

At first, I thought the horse was a little sketchy. The baby doll didn't mind riding it, though. So here she is, giving it a go.

Later on, I was all for it. If you'd like to come over and ride the horse, wait a little bit because it couldn't fit in the car. I think horseys ride in special trailers.


In Houston, there's a building with a ton of fishies - it's called an aquarium. Some snakes and turtles and things like that also live there. We went and saw them.

At the end, after all the fish, there were two white tigers. Tigers are like kitties, only huge. I don't know why the tigers live near the fish, but there they were.

18 December 2006

Wagon ride

Today my friend Mason and I went for a wagon ride in his new birthday wagon. He's the one on the left. I'm the one on the right.

17 December 2006


This picture will probably come back to haunt me when I'm rich and famous. But in the meantime, it's just so cute...

Look, Mama!!


06 December 2006

Fork it over

I've been practicing with the fork.

It works great!

Maybe someday they'll let me have a knife!


Mama and I had a PB&J picnic today. That means we ate lunch at the park. And then we played.

A year ago now-ish

This was me a year ago now-ish! I was a cute little thing, yes?
I can't believe I let my mama put that hat on me, though... I must've worn it every day for a month, at least.

05 December 2006

18 Month Stats

Hey, y'all! Today is my 18 month day, so I celebrated by going to the doctor for my well baby checkup. I thought I'd pass along my stats... I'm 33 and 1/4 inches tall, which puts me just below the 90th percentile for height. I weigh 23 lbs. and 12 oz., which is right around the 50th percentile. And my head circumference is 48.8, which is in the 95th percentile. Neat, huh? And my cute index is, as usual, in the 99th percentile.

Anyway, it's my bedtime. G'night.