23 May 2006


I like playing blocks. The game used to be "you stack 'em, I crash 'em", but I changed it. Now I stack 'em, too! These two, with the moon and the daisy I stacked up all by myself. I can do two at a time, plus I'm still good at the crashing if anyone else can get more than two stacked up before I get there.

Look Mom! No hands!

Look at me! I'm standing up without touching anything except for the floor. Neat, huh?

18 May 2006

At the pool

Mama and Ducky and I went swimming today. It was really hot out, so the water felt great. And there's nothing cuter than a baby in a swimsuit. Except maybe a naked baby.

16 May 2006

A New Game!

I made up a new game! Here's how it goes: whatever is "in", I take "out". It works for a lot of things -- the toy bin, dresser drawers, kitchen cupboards, laundry baskets... you name it!

Sometimes I put things back "in", but other times I take off.

It's really a big help to my mama.

13 May 2006

Man, was I cute today!

I had a great day today hanging with my 'rents. Apparently, I was plus-cute, because they took lots of pictues. Anyway, have a look at what I was up to.

I read some books to my dad.

We went to a park and I swinged.

I also practiced walking. I'm pretty much really good at it so long as I can hold on to something.

Later on I ate dinner. I was just about finished when they took this picture.

So... that's what I did today. Oh right, I took a nap, too. And had a couple diaper incidents. But this was the good stuff.

06 May 2006

Reading with Mama

I like books.
My best ones are the kind with tough pages I can chew on.

03 May 2006

Kitchen Help

I helped my mama make tacos tonight.

She didn't know about using the collander and the steamer for tacos, so it's a really good thing I was there to help. I sure like cookin'!