27 November 2009

Fun Rides

Daddy took Meg and I (that's me, Grace) to a fun park today. They had rides that you could be on if you gave the people working there a ticket.

This one, with the boxes that went up in the air, was both of our favorites.

And we liked the ponies too.

Here there were more ponies, and they were even better than the real ones.

13 November 2009

Anna's Bonnet

Anna doesn't like it when the sun shines right into her little eyeballs.
So Mama and Mimi made her this bonnet, and she's happier.

Tough guy

...with a stuffed cat.

Swimming in November

Can you believe it?!

Well, okay, Mimi warmed up the thing for us quite a bit. But we weren't cold at all.

07 November 2009

Anybody in There??

This is another one of Miss Hollie's pictures.

Look How Cute We Are!

A few weeks ago, we went to the park with Miss Hollie, and she took some
fantastic pictures of us!

05 November 2009

Dr. Grace and Meg, RN

Anyone need medical attention? We're an excellent team.

A small photo series