29 August 2012


Gappy Meg

Meg's wiggly tooth came out!  
And the tooth fairy came on the first night!  
Woo-hoo for Meg!

Sweet Grace

22 August 2012

First Day of School

 Today is the first day of school!  We both have our favorite color for backpacks and lunchboxes, and we both took stuffed cats that will hide away in our backpacks while we work and learn.

Last year's first day of school was here and the first day of school ever was way back here.

15 August 2012

Some Grace Faces

this reminds Mama of an ages ago similar series from a long time ago.
and a not-so-long ago series from not-so-long ago.

Grace and Anna

Mimi and Bets

Grace Ellen


Ice Cream

Anna likes ice cream.

                             Grace likes ice cream, too.

Meggy also likes ice cream.

                    Here's Anna again, just because.


Left to right, that's Mewey, Pumpkin and Charlie.
They are all very dear.