29 April 2008

First Tomato!

This is our first tomato from the garden! Isn't it lovely?? It's a grape tomato, so it's supposed to be small. We each had a bite of it. Meg and I didn't like it, but Mama and Daddy liked it.

26 April 2008

Park Pictures

Mama, Daddy, Meg and I went to the park today. Here are some pictures of us:

Meg says, "hey could somebody please let me out?"


one more

20 April 2008

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Daddy and I went to a dance at church. We had lots of fun, and we looked nice. They had colored lights. They had brown cake and white cake. I ate brown cake and Daddy ate white cake. And they had punch and water. And they had music and dancing. My best part was probably the cake.

15 April 2008



We went to storytime at the library today.

Here's the thing I made. It's a craft.

06 April 2008

Green Thumb

We've been gardening! I'll try to take some good pictures of our plants, but my sister is cuter than the plants, so here she is. She loves watering. If we're outside, and then we come inside, she's so mad and so sad because she can't water the plants anymore. The tricky part is that the watering can is heavy and Meggy is little. She makes it work, though.