29 November 2007

Squeaky Clean

... and so happy!

Here's me, clean and nice. Mama says I smell nice when I get out of the bath. Sometimes she even decides to be a megetarian, and I have to try not to get nibbled. Anyhoo, here's the pictures.

26 November 2007

Meg's New Game

I made this game up a long time ago, but now Meg plays it, too.

First, Meg empties the basket, which is a huge help to our mama.

It's a lot of work.

Then she starts the getaway.

Getaway complete!

19 November 2007

Slide away

Hi y'all, this is me and little sis sittin' on the top of the slide. It's not really dark, it just looks that way. Daddy said somethin' about the camera playing tricks. Oh, and don't worry about Meg-- I'm holding on to her (and Daddy's right next to her, just out of the picture.)

OK Meg, come on down and I'll catch you!

18 November 2007

Cooler weather means...

.... cuter sweaters! Of course.

Me and Daddy

This is a picture of me and my Daddy. He may or may not have been explaining to me that good babies sleep in on Saturdays when this picture was taken...

10 November 2007

Truckin' Along

Meg here.

I'm a 9-month baby now, which is new and fun. Yesterday I went to the doctor, which was less fun. I'm 27" tall these days, which is somewhere between the 25-50% range. And I weigh 15lbs. and 1 oz., which is below the 5th percentile. And my head is 46.3 cm in diameter, ranking in the 95th percentile. What that all means is that I'm supposed to eat more. The tricky part, though, is that I already eat a lot. I'm just little.

Here's a video of me. Grace and I play with the mermaid truck a lot, and that's what I'm doing in the video. I hope you enjoy it.

06 November 2007

Me at the park

Meg at the park

This is my sister, Meg, at the park.

She's the cutest baby I know.

Going up!

Look, Meg.

Look, Meg. Here's a leaf. Don't eat leaves, Meg.


Here's me with my antennas. I liked wearing them with the wings, but it turns out they're fun without the butterfly function, too!

Well, yes, I am going to wear these
wherever it is that we're going, Mama.

02 November 2007