17 June 2010

Ferne Clyffe

After Lake Catherine we went to Ferne Clyffe State Park in Illinois. We seem to have not taken any pictures. When we got there, it looked like it might rain, so we got our campsite quick quick. Daddy got out the tent and had just gotten it all spread out to put up when the clouds started dumping rain. The entire top of our tent is a screen until you put up the fly. By the time the fly was on, there were puddles on the floor of our tent. Bummer.

Everything looked a bit better after a trip to the pizza parlor, though. Mama and Daddy mopped up the floor with washcloths and then dried it pretty well with towels. And then we were mostly dry.

Some of those guys jumped on as we hiked at Ferne Clyffe. How awful!

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