15 June 2011

Picnic with Gram

While we were in Wisconsin, we had a picnic with our Gram and our cousins, Jacob and Josh. Meggy and I made the PB&Js.

Lost a Tooth!

I had a wiggly tooth, and now it's out! See where it was? It feels funny.

Tonight I'll put my tooth in this little bag, and
the tooth fairy will trade me for something!

13 June 2011

Boating with Gramps

The Cake

We made a pineapple upside down cake for my birthday -- it was super!

Here I am with Aunt Hannah and Grandma Mary, making the cake.

Here's how it turned out!

And there were 6 candles!


A Sweet Cuddle

The Farm

While we were on holiday, we toured a really neat farm.

They have a lot of cows. We wore rubber boots, but still didn't like stepping in the poo.

Most of the milk from their cows gets made into cheese, but these piggies eat the whey that's left.

They also had a dozen-ish little bitty kittens, and we got to pet them!

From the Wedding