31 December 2010

Woo!! Made it across!!

At the park Thursday I made it ALL THE WAY ACROSS the monkey bars!! For the first time ever, with no help.

Anna and Grandma Mary

Hobbling Gramps

Gramps couldn't go very fast when Meg and I rode on his feet.

Anna Kate's Baby

Anna Kate got a baby doll for Christmas. She doesn't really like it, yet.
But sometimes she thinks it's okay.

Anna Kate and Daddy

While Grandma Mary and Grandpa Bruce were here, we went to the zoo in San Antonio! It was great. We all liked it a lot and saw heaps of neat animals.

Here we are outside the zoo. Mama and Daddy went, too, but they're not in the picture.

We rode around in a stroller, which Mama said was *totally* worth the $10.

Toothbrushing x3

Jumping with Gramps

Knitting with Grandma

This picture is Grandma Mary and me working with the Nifty Knitter. I made a baby hat.

14 December 2010


We made these! Except for Mama put our names on them.