25 July 2006

Austin Children's Museum

This weekend Mama and Daddy and I went to the Austin Children's Museum. It was neat. They have a lot of things to touch and do. I especially dug the slide -- they have a slide even though it's inside! I also liked everything.

16 July 2006

Backyard Photo Shoot

How Big?

This is a game I play with mama and daddy....

They say: "Gracie, how big are you?"

I do this, and they say "SOOOOOO Big!!". It's fun.

02 July 2006

New trick at the park

I found a whole new way to slide!!! It's awesome!!! Here's how I do it (don't try this at home unless you have a spotter): I climb up the stairs, just like always. Then when I get to the top, I back up to the top of the slide. After that I lie down and let go and ZOOM -- down I go! It's pretty great.

As soon as I get to the bottom I'm ready to go again! Can you see my bracelets in this picture?


I love bracelets! They're the best and I find them most fun in quantities of 3 or more. I pretty much wear them all day long, except my mama takes them for nap time. Here's some pictures of me and my bracelets.


My mom and dad and I went to the circus! My favorite was the tigers, because they're just like Wilma, only bigger. These aren't tigers. They're elephants. We had lots of fun.