31 May 2007

Coming Soon...

We went on a bus, an airplane, a train, another airplane and then a car to go celebrate with Aunt Leah and Uncle Luke last weekend - it was great. The sad part is that my 'rents took nary a picture. The happy part is that Aunt Hannah is a great picture taker and she said she'd share. I don't like sharing, but Aunt Hannah didn't seem to mind.

All that to say there will be very exciting pictures from the North coming soon. It's cold up there, but I like it.

13 May 2007

Mama's Day

We were extra-nice to our mama today.

Car Wash!

Daddy and I did the best thing today! We washed the car!

It was such a great day for a car wash and car washing is such fun! Anyway, here's some pictures. Please notice my car washing hat.

Meg's Second Bath

Just kidding! Meg's had a few other baths, too.

Mama and me

Meg's Seat

Meg has a really neat seat. It feels like a nerf ball, and even though Meg is tiny she can sit up like a regular kid in it! Back when I was a baby, they didn't have these kind of gadgets.

A New Hat!

03 May 2007