29 March 2009

My New Wheels

This is my new bike! Mama and
Daddy fixed it up for me. They
finished today!

This is me, with my new bike. We were
fixin' to go the park and try riding, but
Mama wanted to take pictures first.
Like always.

At first it was tricky. We were in a bumpy area, and I wound up like this a lot. But I didn't get hurt, so I got back on the bike after I crashed.

Bike Rider!

I got the hang of it after a little bit, though! Look at me riding!

Here's me and Daddy. I'm the one riding the bike.

We went a long ways.

Bike riding is way fun! If you want to come over and play with me, maybe we could go for a bike ride?


Meg and Dolly

19 March 2009


After we went to the doc, and found out about our new sister(!), Mama and Daddy and Meggy and I went bowling! What fun! Here's last time we went bowling -- this time was even better, because Meggy liked it, too, and because I'm a bigger and better bowler now.

Look at all these bowling balls! Meg and I used the orange one. Mama's was pink, and Daddy's is the big heavy green one.

Here I go!

Little bitty Meg wanted to carry her own ball.

And here she is, slightly over the line, fixin' to roll it!

We're getting a new sister!


Sweet Meggy

17 March 2009

16 March 2009


That's what I've been up to the last week or so. Pretty much
all the time when I'm not doing something else, I'm coloring.

Accessories Galore

Meg and Monk

04 March 2009

Waiting and waiting and waiting and...

We waited in line today. For a really. long. time. Fortunately we were by the sunglasses display! So we tried them on! And! Mama had the camera!

Meg's Specs

Meg on the Stairs

Dadder-Daughty Dance

Remember last year, when Daddy and I went to a dance? We went again! And this time Meggy was big enough to go, too! So we all three went! Here's a couple of pictures, Mama took lots:

This is all three of us.

Here's an especially nice picture of me.

And this is me and my sister.