29 January 2007

Zilker Botanical Gardens

This weekend Daddy and Mama and I went to the Zilker Botanical Gardens. They have lots of plants and flowers. My favorite part was the water.

There was a nice stream trickling through the garden...

...it felt cold...

...but I loved it!

There were also some waterfalls. This is a little one, but it makes nice bubbles where the water lands.

Wow, this one is big!

25 January 2007


Hey, you made it! So this is the new blog... I thought since I'm getting what they call a "sister" I ought to make room for her. So graceellen wasn't the best title for the blog anymore, because my 'rents decided not to call the "sister" Grace Ellen. Go fig.

So besides moving the blog, I've also moved rooms! I'm pretty much a big kid now, so I don't need to sleep in a crib. I've got a big girl bed! It works about the same, you lie down on it and go to sleep. But it's cooler. My daddy has been working really hard to make my big-girl room nice, and he did a great job. The walls are yellow, which happens to be my favorite color.

I helped my friends move in.

They got all comfy on my big girl bed.

The horsey moved in too, although he didn't fit in the bed.

All that movin' wore me out. I slept great in my big girl bed!

19 January 2007

La obra maestra

My masterpiece!

The medium? Crayon on construction paper.

I'm taking orders... if you'd like to have an original work of art, let me know and I'll draw you one.