29 September 2007

Big Stuff!

Meg's new favorite thing to do is standing up... she works so hard to get to standing and then she's so proud to be doing it.

A Lunch

Mama, Mimi, Meg and Me had lunch together. First they brought chips and spicy dip and then they brought food. It was good.

I dipped some chips...

...and gave them to Mimi.

Here's Meg and Mama.

Meg practiced with her spoon...


Meg with Mimi and Pa

A Visit

Mama and Meg and I went to see my grandparents in Houston. We had a really fun time. I'll show some pictures. First is the pool pictures... my mama forgot our swimsuits.

So for a while we just chilled by the pool.

But who can resist?! So I got in. And made up this game...

The game is that I throw balls in the pool, over and over again.

The tricky part was how are we going to get them out?? Mimi to the rescue!

Go, Meg, Go!

16 September 2007


Hi, my name is Meg. And I have the cutest socks in the world.

09 September 2007

A Couple New Ones

Meg here: I have a couple of pictures from today to show y'all:

This is me with my sister Grace. I was a little outraged, but I can't remember why.

And here's me playing the piano.

Oh hey, in other news, I have a tooth! Nobody has taken a picture of it yet, though, so if you want to see it you'll have to come over and make me laugh.