24 June 2006

I slide!

Mama and I were at the park again the other day, and I found out about the slide! It's pretty much a riot. I like it a lot.

First I climb up the steps.

When I get to the top, I head for the slide.

Then I get situated.

Wow. That was fun.

20 June 2006

Let us out!

Kitty and I are hoping someone will open this door for us... she doesn't have opposable thumbs and I'm too short.

17 June 2006

New World Record!

I made a new world record for Grace steps today! It's at least five or six now. One of these days my 'rents will get a picture of me walking and then you'll all be able to clap for me. You can, anyway, if you want.

13 June 2006

I'm a pro straw operator.

Sippy cups are the pits, but I'm pretty much totally awesome with the straw cups.

Backyard Fun

We got a pool! It's huge!

At first, I wasn't too sure what to think... the water wasn't warm and nice like my bathtub. In fact, it was pretty much the same as ice.

After a while, I couldn't feel my legs anymore and so it was funner. Come on down and swim with me!

I also picked out a picnic table at the garage sale across the street. Options include eating or playing at it, but I mainly like climbing on it.

09 June 2006

Texas Two-step

Woo woo! I did my first Texas two-step today! I was standing up over by the futon and took two or three freestyle steps over to my mama. Then we all clapped. So even though I still prefer the four-legged method of transportation, I'm getting closer and closer to being bi-pedal. Next week I'll probably run a 5k.

05 June 2006

Birthday Bash

Today's my birthday!! Can you believe that business?

We had a big party on Saturday, because people who aren't babies have to work on Mondays. So a bunch of my friends came over and we had balloons and streamers and everything. And people brought presents! Like books and toys and clothes and duckies. Everyone had a great time.

My mama and my gram made a million birthday cupcakes, but I wasn't really interested. Everyone else liked them. They had sprinkles on top. Very festive, yes?

I'm just hangin' with my 'rents after the party here.

My gram came all the way from Illinois to party with me! Cool, huh?

This is one of the cool toys I got for my birthday! You can ride around on this thing and it plays songs - sort of like the ice cream truck. And you can put stuff in the trunk! That's my best part.