27 September 2010

Sweet Sisters in Spring

We went to Spring, Texas this weekend to help Mimi celebrate her birthday - it was way fun. We got to pet a rabbit as big as our dog and went in a really neat toy store. Plus we had a yummy birthday dinner with cheesecake!

A Rare Daddy Picture

Our Daddy is the best. Plus look how handsome he is!

Happy Birthday, Mimi!

Fun With Hats

Grumpy Meg

Studious Grace

A Couple of Cute Anna Pictures

Last Swim of the Season

11 September 2010

Anna Meows

Reading with Anna Kate

Now that Anna Kate can ask for a book, she does it all the time! And it's so sweet that she almost always can find a reader.

Fun Daddy

08 September 2010

A New Baby Sign!

Anna Kate has a new baby sign! We're so delighted!

Book! She's delighted, too!

Just what she wanted.

Plus a sister to read it to her!

Schooly Grace

School is going great! I really dig it!

Anna and the Penguin

Anna Kate was fascinated with this penguin we met last weekend. She wasn't quite brave enough to touch it, but laughed and laughed while she looked at it.


Mama figured out why Mister doesn't eat his dinner.

Studious Meg

The Dump Truck

We have a great yellow dump truck in our yard. Meggy and I use it a lot to make muck -- that's dirt mixed with water. But now Anna Kate is big enough to ride in it! And she loves it!

Anna's New Kicks

Anna is sporting some new trainers -- she really loves them.