13 February 2010

Beautiful Anna

Our lil' Anna sure is cute, don't you think?

Just look at those lashes!

And the squishable cheeks!

Can we please go home?

We were at Central Market for a long time today.

03 February 2010

Meg's Cake

Meg's Cake

Here's Meg, working on her cake. She pretty much made it.

Gettin' the mixer ready...

Mimi put it in the oven, since Meg's too short. And Mama wrote Meg's name, because Meg doesn't write very well, yet. But she pretty much did all the rest.

It was a tasty cake.

01 February 2010


Woo! Meg is 3! Well, just about. For practical purposes, she is, anyway. We went ahead and celebrated this weekend with Mimi and Pa.

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