17 February 2007

A Kiss

Meg and I will be great friends.

2 Week Vital Statistics

Sister Meg is 2 weeks old. Well, she was yesterday too, but I didn't tell about it yesterday. Anyway, she went to the doctor and they measured her. She's still pretty little, but she's growing. Meg is 19 3/4" long (they say long instead of tall because she doesn't know how to stand up). Meg weighs 7 lbs. and 3 oz., and her head circumference is 37.3. Those measurements are respectively in the 25th, 25th and 75th percentiles for her age. Wilma the cat still weighs more than Meg the sister.

First Bath!

Meg had her first bath last week. It was a great time!

First we filled up the baby tub with water and bubbles and Meg.

Then we washed Meg.

Then we dried Meg and we all got dry clothes.


Grandpa Paul and Mimi bought me a Valentine's Day balloon. This picture is less about the balloon and more about me, though.

We had a very cold week. When my daddy and I went to the parts store to get a new master cylinder (whatever that is), he helped me bundle up first.

05 February 2007


Here's a couple pictures of the much anticipated "sister" they've been talking about. Her name is Meg.

This is Meg. She came from a place called the "hospital"... I guess that's where babies come from. Anyway, she's really little. Wilma the cat weighs more than Meg the sister.

This is Daddy with Meg. He likes her a lot.

This is Mama with Meg. She likes Meg a lot.

Soon I'll put up some pictures of me and Meg. I like Meg a lot. So far, though, whenever I'm close to Meg they're not taking pictures, they're hovering over me or telling me to give her back her little hat or not pull on her or sit on her. We'll work on it, though. It seems like we'll have plenty of time - they say "sister" is staying.