24 July 2007

Lil' Sister

Here's Meg:

Weekend Pictures

We were in Houston this weekend, and this is me hanging out with my Grandpa Paul.

And here I'm holding hands with Mimi and Mama. But I could've done it myself.

15 July 2007

Who's Who?

Big Smile

Mama's holding me and I'm holding Meg

Gettin' Big

Yep. I'm pretty much a big girl now.


I like wearing shades,

but the tricky part is figuring out,

where to put them when I'm done.


09 July 2007

New Pictures!

These are the pictures from the trip to the coldland, where Aunt Leah and Uncle Luke got married and we got to see everyone. Thanks Aunt Hannah!

The fam

Me and the Aunts

Here I am with Aunt Hannah and Aunt Leah.

Mama and Me

Lookin' good

Daddy and I were in Aunt Leah and Uncle Luke's wedding. Daddy was handsome and helped people find a place to sit. And I was cute.

Dancing with Daddy

Chillin' with Grandma Mary

Grandma Mary is a good baby holder.


mmmmmmmmm is for marshmallow! We roasted them. Actually, I had to stand far away from the fire (it's hot), but Daddy gave me a toasted marshmallow.I liked it, but it made me sticky.

Blowing Bubbles Up North

Here's some more pictures from our Northland extravaganza. Here we're blowing bubbles at my grandma and grandpa's house.

02 July 2007

I'm not a babydoll.

Meg here. Some lady today told my mama that I look just like a babydoll. I think she was trying to be nice, but I'm not a babydoll. I'm a real girl. So I spit up to show her that I am, in fact, real.