14 November 2012

Sweetie Grace

How's this thing work??

Betsy's Friend

Elizabeth loves monkey.  Monkey has been around forever, and everyone has always *liked* monkey, but Bets really digs monkey.  She even has a pseudo-word for him:  Muuuuuh.

04 November 2012


A doggone-bee stung our Betsy Joy.

This sweet little baby had a bee sting while we camped this weekend.  She was minding her own business and a doggone bee stung her little arm.  After a topical application of salve and an oral application of a chocolate cookie, she turned out to be just fine.

30 October 2012

Betsy Joy

See Betsy's little hair wings?
Baby Grace had more hair, and similar hair wings waaaay back in 2006 - look!

Orange Teeth!

09 October 2012

08 October 2012

Bets likes Books

First of Many

Elizabeth has a word!
Wilma is so proud!

Betsy, what does the kitty cat say?

24 September 2012

Anna and Elizabeth

This is Anna and Elizabeth, watching for the trash truck.

Mama always likes these pictures.  See for example:

20 September 2012

Modes of Transport

Betsy is moving from that...

...to this!

A Couple of Megs

29 August 2012


Gappy Meg

Meg's wiggly tooth came out!  
And the tooth fairy came on the first night!  
Woo-hoo for Meg!

Sweet Grace