29 April 2006


Mmmmmmm... Rudy's.

I talked my parents into barbecue for dinner tonight - all right!! Am I a good Texan or what?

27 April 2006


I love the baby swings at the park!!

22 April 2006

Quadruple cute

Today I went with my mom and dad to the Wildflower Center. It's gorgeous, but I was obviously the star attraction.

21 April 2006

At the park

I went to the park with my mom the other day. She wouldn't let me eat rocks, but other than that we had a really good time.

At the game

Last weekend my parents took me to a baseball game. Somebody played somebody else. I mainly had fun and clapped when everyone else did, but at the end my team lost so I was sad.

20 April 2006

My friends

These are some of my friends. Caleb and I are having a cuddle, and Maddie is waving in her baby seat.

19 April 2006

Just checkin

Let's see how this thing works... here' s a cute picture of me with my mama. We just gave each other a bath.