27 August 2011

Me and Meg

Mama made these dresses.

First Day of School

School started last week, and so far it's great! Mama took a bunch of pictures. Here are a couple:

Last year's first day of school picture is here.

20 August 2011

The Reading Spot, In Action

Bunk Beds!

Daddy made us some super bunk beds! He started with this:

And then he worked and worked and worked and turned that into this:

Isn't that great!? Meggy sleeps upstairs on the left, I sleep upstairs on the right, and Anna Kate sleeps downstairs beneath me.

Under Meg's bunk is a cozy reading spot with a curtain and some lights underneath. Sweet.

Our daddy rules.

15 August 2011


It's hot, but she's cool.

This is what we do...

... when we're in an elevator without other people. Why? We don't know, it's just what we do.